Yanukovich head-quarter chief left his position

Stepan Gavrish left his position saying is not going to work out of scope of law (having in view the Supreme Court Decision)

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Yanukovich ask Supreme court to cancel the second vote...

He asked Supreme Court to cancel vote at the West Region and initiate re-voting there.

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Shooting sheet of Yanukovich wife speech

Dear friends, I've came back from Kiev, and I can say what's happening there. There is just an orange sabbath!...


So, there are series of valenki - everything around is american!! That's it!  And pile of orange oranges. And we heard a song  against  background: "The orange see, the orange sky..." Really! This is just a... This is nightmare!


Another thing I want to say, that these orange are not just simple orange, but pricked. People take one, eat it, than take another one. Indeed! And hand is taking more and more...


I've got a news arriving over here.  They said - there is mass poisoning on the square.  Frequent  cases of  asking for medical care.  People are transported out with meningitis! What have we come to! And they stay and  stay over there! The eyes are just bast-fiber! Really!

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Wife of Yanukovich in Donetsk comments out the mass-meeting in Kiev

American valenki, pricked oranges, high and poisoned people who have ate these oranges...

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Rats fleeing a sinking ship!

Tihipko has left his position as head of Yanukovich's headquarters.  Sergiy Tihipko has also made a decision to leave his position as head of the National Bank of Ukraine.  He announced his decision on Monday at a press conference in Kiev.  Tihipko said that he decided to devote himself to political activity.

He expressed thanks for the cooperation of his ex-colleagues at the Bank.  Tihipko emphasized that to combine two position in such tensed period of time is impossible.  At the same time he revealed that he was leaving his spot as head of Yanukovych headquarters.

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Chairman of the National Bank left his position

Tigipko left his position and come back to politic sphere. Also he declared leaving the position of the head-quarter chief of Yanukovich team.

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Nobody can separate us!!!




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Short discussion with Donetsk's girl

- Why do you fall out so many mud on Yanukovich?

- Don't you think the Donetsk can wake up and go on Kiev?

These two questions I've heard today. Who told this girl that we are afraid of Yanukovich or are trying to prove his debility? On the contrary, we just want to have president who seems us good, that's all. But in some cases to show the methods used by Yanukovich team to take the power we need to public his video or audio. The rest time we just declare - we want to see Yuschenko, we delegate our constitutional power to him!! Please, don't lie in the name of us, we don't spent time discussing his personal features!

And we are not afraid of Ukainian come from East. They are our brothers. We need them. Mostly they are either done or just don't know the true about what we actually want to have. Our shared goal is to have free and rich society. Why we need to fight with our brothers to have this? I don't know....

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Some interesting records were published

Voice records containing voices of members of Yanukovich head-quarters and government discussing the methods and ways of falsification were published by Ukrainian security services. It's interesting - will government "notice" it?

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Lugansk soviet is closing the borders

They are going to declare the South-East autonomy and ask Russia to recognize them.

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