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I see comments of some people who are trying to talk about money, geo-political interests supporting both sides, 100.000 people on Maidan who can't represent the whole Ukrainian nation etc. The guy who spoke that seems are too far away to understand something. First of all, come to Maidan and see how many people are there. At second, we are not figting against the Yanukovich, or Russian, or East Ukraine!! This bullshit was thought out by mud politics!! We (and personally me, my friends, my family, my co-workers) defend only our election rights, our freedom, our personal opinion. WE ARE NOT fLOCK! This is only why we are out on the streets!! It makes me no difference who are behind the Yanukovich or Yuschenko. Politics are always politics, money are always money. In this case the GREAT FORTUNE of Yuschenko is that he is on the people side. The people, protecting their rights, but now people who are for Yuschenko or Yanukovich. If you don't understand that - please turn of your TV and come here.

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Britain rejects election result

LONDON (AP) - The British government does not believe the presidential election held in Ukraine on Nov. 21 was free or fair, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said Nov. 29.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Straw said Britain was urging all parties in the dispute over the Ukraine election result to continue to show restraint.

"Our ambassador in Kyiv is seeing the Ukrainian interior minister this afternoon with a message to that effect," Straw said.

In a separate statement, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said "a new Iron Curtain threatens to fall across Ukraine." Baroness Thatcher urged the West to act decisively, saying: "Tyranny must not prevail. Ukraine's Supreme Court is considering an appeal by opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko against announced results of the presidential runoff, which called Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych the winner. Yushchenko claims he was robbed of victory through election fraud.

Russian President Vladimir Putin openly backed Yanukovych. Many Western nations have not recognized the official results.

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Just came back from Russia

Mass-media gives too much lie! They say that Yuschenko is new fascist, extremist, nationalist coming againts Russia, againts russian people in Ukraine, that there are the equal amount of people on meetings in Kiev supporting Yuschenko and Yanukovich. Even our East TV-jourlalist in Kharkov claim to Russian mass-media asking them to stop this awfull lie!

The true is that there are about half million people supporting Yuschenko in Kiev and only about few thousands for Yanukovich.

The true is that our main TV channels stay without most professional and famous journalist and leaders that left them to protest for lie and censorship.

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