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Offshore Programming: Peut-on comparer l'Inde et la Russie ?

Une opinion indienne qui appelle à une coopération entre l'Inde et la Russie.

Nous trouvons qu'il manque dans cet article le fait que 'lInde est intéressant SURTOUT parce que DANS et PRES du futur marché mondial (Asie Chine) et parce que beaucoup (et même une majorité de ceux qui FONT l'offshore indien) ont travaillé en Occident.

Par ailleurs, la critique sur ce que peut apporter la Russie en plus de la qualité technique dans un développement est assez subjective car l'Inde n'est pas plus développée économiquement que la Russie (hormis en certains endroits COMME en Russie). En industrie par exemple, tout le monde sait que les russes ont une industrie propre qui a inventé des choses et qui dans certains secteurs n'a rien à envier à la notre (aéronautique par exemple) alors que l'Inde n' a pas d'industrie propre.

Il faudrait trouver un auteur russe sur le sujet mais quoiqu'il en soit, cet avis est intéressant:

Russia and India: Should we compare?

By Jari P. Angesleva, IFC

Now, when Mr. Putin and Reiman are more than wooing the cooperation between India and Russia in ICT sector, it is good to keep in mind that after the party is over and champagne is consumed, it is time to work and focus on right issues.

India has truly successfully gained the top position in global outsourcing business during the last ten years, by implementing chains of techno-parks and heavily investing to communication and educational infrastructures. If we look objectively the Russian side, we have only couple techno-parks in process and some plans for several more. You could ask, that is this enough? Answer is no. It is not enough. If Russia wants to compete, this is competition never the less, even though Russia is trying to cooperate with India, it should focus on improving the overall business climate and transparency. We all have heard that Russia has the best award winning students in the Universities who are more able to solve complex problems than others. If this is truly the case, why we can not see these top Russian talents working on these demanding and challenging projects globally? At least in media you can not find widespread information about this type of success. I agree, some breakthroughs has been made, but only few so far. Maybe it would be better to be on the top of the charts in business competitions than in programming contests? Should the educational institutes focus more on business education instead of mathematics?

The point is, that Russia has not benefited price wise from the talent it has. Hourly rates for the programmers are pretty much the same, like all the others in this offshore programming business are offering. But clearly the offered package is different. Or is it?

In Russia, you can get top talented programmer with the same price, like say, ordinary programmer from other Eastern-European countries. Why then sell something below it's real offered value? Well, good question, you might say. What is important to keep in mind that the offered value vs. then perceived value is not the same. Both consist the value of the technical competence and values of several other factors like, brand, business skills, marketing and most of all; reputation. But they are two sides of the same coin. The other one is seen by the customer and the other one by the service provider. Russians can deliver what you need, but can they add other value to your business than cost reduction as well?

Now, when India is focusing on BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), and Russia is lacking good business education, how then Russians can follow the same evolutionary path? To understand business processes you need to have a very through understanding of the clients business. Because it is not only outsourcing your accounting or payroll processes, it is also how you can improve them, make them more efficient, and therefore increase the value of your clients business. This needs good understanding of business processes and business itself. Without good educational systems in business, Russia can not follow the path of India. We all know that Russia is not the top country in business efficiency, process streamlining and overall business thinking. In other words competitive. And how it could be, when the capitalistic system is just over 10 years old and the economy is still partly state driven. Old soviet era institutions are still in place and efficiency is clearly not the top priority. According to the book "Why they, why not we", authors Helantera and Ollus points out that 14 most efficient companies based on productivity and business figures in North-West Russia, 12 are owned and run by foreigners. And yes, they are the first twelve. In this context you can say that, efficiency is not a strength in Russia.

Russia and India are possessing different strengths in different fields and this can be clearly seen from the figures. India is 20 times larger in offshore programming than Russia. One company from India has twice as much turnover, than the whole sector in Russia. I am not saying that it is not wise to watch what the succeeded persons or countries are doing, but only trying to be a copycat does not necessarily bring the same success. To put it other way, compare apples to apples, not apples to oranges. You might argue that, is it worth of improving your weaknesses or is it more important to focus on your strengths? I would say that focus on your strengths.

If Russia wants to cooperate with India, it might be a fruitful idea to join the strengths from both sides. In very demanding BPO outsourcing projects, you could combine the best Russian technical talent with best Indian business talent! This should bring benefits for both sides. This way Russia can deliver its most valued talent with the highest market price and add more value to the end-customer as well. Instead of trying to be the best in every field, you look into the mirror and improve those fields that are in your competence. Where you are in the value chain is the key question. Those competences you do not have, you find through business partnerships. In other words, now when we can not beat them, we need to join them.

I am looking forward the first real business transaction between Russian and Indian IT business, based on the sound thinking of strengths on both sides.

Dec 16, 2004

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