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Russia Predicts 100% Software Exports Growth

According to Leonid Reiman, the Russian IT and Communications Minister, the Russian software exports are expected to double every year for the coming few years.

The Russian software and IT market has been growing at an average of 25 percent a year for the past several years. Reiman estimates that the software market of the world would reach USD 140 billion by 2010. The IT minister expects the Russian software and IT market to be worth USD 4.5 billion to USD 5 billion in 2004. He further predicts the software export revenue to reach USD 500 million in 2004, USD 1 billion in 2005, and USD 2 billion in 2006.

Russian programmers, whose wages are much lower than their counterparts in western Europe, have been receiving outsourcing orders from European companies. Reiman also urged the Russian government to support local IT producers with flexible tariffs and state-backed promotion to buy Russian-made hardware and software.

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