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L'offshore permet de sauver des millions !! (d'après silicon.com)

La guerre continue de faire rage entre les partisans de l'offshore et les dénigreurs de l'offshore.

Les premiers mettent souvent en avant les économies que permet l'offshore.

L'article de silicon.com donne pour une fois des chiffres.

ATtention, l'article parle surtout du monde anglo-saxon (le seul où les entreprises communiquent vraiment à propos d'offshore) et surtout d'offshore à notre avis au sens large et pas au sens uniquement offshore programming. la différence entre "offshore" et "offshore programming" venant souvent des centres d'appels et travaux de saisie. Le BPO restant pour l'instant seulement un gros potentiel de développement.

Offshoring has potential to save millions
Sylvia Carr

So says recent survey...

Poor IT management and the failure to offshore are costing companies considerable amounts of money.

A total of £165m is lost each year because of IT failings, according to a recent survey by Business Engines, a provider of project portfolio management software.

The survey identified three areas that account for the majority of the losses. The first, which makes up 29 per cent of the £165m, is the decision by companies not to take advantage of cost savings related to offshoring certain IT functions. The second is poor management of IT projects, which results in overruns. And the third is failure to align IT with the company's overall business strategy. Each of the last two account for 28 per cent of the losses.

Business Engines conducted the survey over three years, interviewing more than 30 blue chip organisations in the financial, healthcare, retail and telecom sectors.

Business Engines CEO Doug Dickey said in a statement that aligning IT with business strategy was "the quickest way" to save money. While continual evaluation and prioritisation of a company's portfolio of IT projects will also help, Dickey said "the biggest prize" will go to companies that choose to offshore.

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