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le soft qui venait du froid

source CFREIS et legaltechnology.com

Over the years we have encountered software applications that claim
to have been originally developed for the CIA, MI5, FBI and Mossad
however this week we go one better with a system that began life as
an artificial intelligence system the old Soviet KGB used to filter
and sort their multi-terabyte, multi-language knowledge base. Called
InfoTame, the system is now being developed, sold and supported by a
Silicon Valley company - although there remains a substantial R&D
team in Moscow.

In its post-Cold War manifestation, InfoTame is now being used by US
law firms, large corporates, energy companies and news organisations
as a search engine but with the emphasis on extracting information
based on its 'significance' rather than the frequency of keywords or
other Boolean queries. InfoTame say the AI element "can essentially
understand and find significant concepts and ideas in large volumes
of information, and then summarise, categorise and correlate hidden
patterns in seconds". Along with more conventional search engine-
type activities, the system has also been used by law firms, in
large scale litigation and discovery work, and by corporations to
monitor their entire incoming and outgoing email traffic to spot
suspicious activity or unusual patterns in real time.

InfoTame now has a UK sales office in London - contact Paul Cheng on
020 7262 8797 - and the software is available to law firms and
barristers chambers on an evaluation basis.

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